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"Time wasted searching for faults is frustrating and expensive. Rapidly locating and repairing faults is essential in today’s workshops. The speed, simplicity and dependability of your Imrie will enable you to specialise in this highly complex field of new technology." - Jim Imrie.


Welcome to Imrie Diagnostic Testing

Today’s electronic ignition and engine management systems demand a whole new method of testing – but that’s not all that Imrie instruments provide. Imrie testers are the simplest, fastest and most accurate way to test any conventional or electronic ignition system – even systems with on-board computers. An Imrie tester could easily be the most valuable tool on your workbench.

Some of the advantages of an Imrie tester:

  • Instant diagnosis without disassembling the engine – even if it won’t run. Saves valuable stripping time.
  • Easily tests from hand cranking to full RPM throughout the speed range.
  • The Imrie 630 is fully portable – use in the field (take it for a test-ride or while Dynamometer testing, etc.), the workshop. or on the counter for spare parts sales.
  • Eliminates the guesswork on repairs, estimates and warranty claims.
  • Used and recommended by leading OEM’s.
  • Easy to follow operators manual.
  • Australian designed and manufactured with 2-years warranty.
  • Inexpensive.





The new range of Imrie Testers are available now!

Imrie AT300


Coming soon! Imrie AC120

Imrie AT300
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Imrie AC120
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The Imrie AT300 is a Single and Three-Phase permanent magnet alternator tester.


Coming Soon!
The Imrie AC120 tests the AC/DC systems used on Yamaha WRs, KTMs, Husqvana, Honda CRFs and more!

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