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"Time wasted searching for faults is frustrating and expensive. Rapidly locating and repairing faults is essential in today’s workshops. The speed, simplicity and dependability of your Imrie will enable you to specialise in this highly complex field of new technology." - Jim Imrie.


Tutorials and Q&A Forms for Imrie Testers

Welcome to the Imrie Diagnostic Testing's training facilities. Here you can download past and present tutorial videos and documents to help you better understand the functions of your Imrie Tester.

Below is a list of different training videos and documents available for you to view or download. Please note to download the video and/or PDF right-click the corresponding link and click Save Target As.

Imrie Question and Answer Video


American Honda Promotion Video

Imrie 3000


Imrie 630

(C) Imrie Diagnostic Testing 1990
Training Video Created by Jim Imrie. This video is great to learn how to test ignition systems on a variety of small engines using both the Imrie 3000 and 630 testers.


(C) American Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 1996
Promotion Video created in 1993 by the American Honda Co., Ltd. which shows why a peak-volt tester is essential in today's workshops.

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