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"Time wasted searching for faults is frustrating and expensive. Rapidly locating and repairing faults is essential in today’s workshops. The speed, simplicity and dependability of your Imrie will enable you to specialise in this highly complex field of new technology." - Jim Imrie.


The Small Coil Rewinds Story
The Imrie Diagnostic Testing's parent company.

Small Coil Rewinds Pty. Ltd. (Bert Neville) started from a hobby, in 1986 whilst Bert was working for Kawasaki Australia as their Victorian “Service Rep”. The company was incorporated in 1989 and now employs six full-time staff.

While working as a motorcycle mechanic (1971 to 1986) Bert’s boss purchased an Imrie Model 45 from Jim Imrie. On changing employment, one of the first tools to be purchased was another Imrie Model 45. Since then Small Coil Rewinds have based most of their testing procedures around “PEAK VOLTS”. Being offered the chance to purchase the Company mid 2008, we enthusiastically proceeded to continue Jim’s dedicated and brilliant work.

We are very much Motorcycle orientated, but we also service other sectors of the Automotive and Power Products industry. Our staff have suggested developing other test instruments (Variable Spark-Gap tester, single and three phase alternator  tester, permanent magnet regulator tester, Coil testers, etc.). So over time, and in response to on-going industry requirements, our range will increase.

Existing Imrie customers can rely on our continued support.

R. J. (Bert) Neville.


50 Edols Street
Geelong North
Victoria    3215
Phone: 03 5278 8454
International:  +61 3 5278 8454
Fax: 03 5272 1659
Email: [email protected]


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